Bitter Rivalry

Bitter Rivalry

English Bitter

Since our inception, we have thought “It would be fun to do a beer with our friends at Terrapin for the Florida Georgia game in Jacksonville.” Four years of conversations later, here we are…

Initial conversations with our brewers and Spike yielded many ideas, but the one that kept coming up was to use fruit from our home states in a brew that was two breweries coming together to brew and release a beer in a market where, although friendly, there is competition amongst us. Oh yeah, and there’s that football thing, too. The end result was the choice to brew an English Bitter with Georgia Peaches and Florida Oranges and call it “Bitter Rivalry.”

Since the beer would be released during Florida-Georgia weekend and mostly in the Jacksonville market, it had to be sessionable. So, we ended up with a low ABV and decided to keep the peaches and oranges as a subtlety, leaving us with a very drinkable, session English bitter with light tones of peach and citrus. We had a ton of fun with Spike, here at Swamp Head, brewing the beer. We ate Hogan’s sandwiches, joked around about all of the fun stuff that happens in our breweries, and yes, we brewed a great beer. Come have a beer with us at one of our release events that will feature Bitter Rivalry and a ton of our other year round and limited beers.

Bitter Rivalry

Terrapin and Swamp Head. What a "Bitter Rivalry."

Original Gravity: 22 Plato IBUS: 32 Alcohol: 4.5%


Marris Otter, Crystal, Carapils


East Kent Goldings

Other Ingredients

Oranges, Peaches

Suggested Glassware