Best in Show at Best Florida Beer Championship : 10-10-10

April 2, 2014

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The hard work that we put into every day of brewing beer always pays off in good times, great beer and a ton of fun.


Last weekend we got a pay off of a different kind, the award of the most coveted Florida beer trophy of 2014, Best in Show at the Best Florida Beer Championship for our 10-10-10.

Going into the weekend our team knew that we had won two medals, one for Sciaenhops Imperial Red Ale and one for 10-10-10, but we didn’t know whether they were gold, silver or bronze.  We found out about halfway through the event that Sciaenhops had won a silver medal and 10-10-10 had won gold. A gold medal means you are in the running for that trophy that every brewer in the crowd had their eyes on, the trophy for the Best in Show.

So, as we stood amongst a bearded, beer loving crowd, waiting to hear the answer to our question, it was as much anticipation as it was pride. Even if it wouldn’t have been our time to take home the Best in Show award this year, we had won. Everyone involved in our industry had won. Being able to look around and see how much the Florida beer scene has grown and how we are surrounded by so many friends, is a win that we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of.

Amidst conversations about beer, had while drinking beer, the announcement came for second runner up. Not us. First runner up… not us. So, we hadn’t won those. There was really only one thing left.

Best in Show: Swamp Head Brewery for 10-10-10!

A huge thanks for everyone on our hardworking team and all of the people who have supported us over the last four years! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the announcement of a Best in Show celebration tapping of 10-10-10 at The Wetlands soon.

For full award information, check out the Best Florida Beer Championship’s website. 




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