Swamp Head Brand Ambassador Posting

Brand Ambassador Job Description

As a Brand Ambassador for Swamp Head Brewery (SHB) you will be responsible for promoting SHB product within the permissible footprint.  You will act as an ambassador for the Swamp Head brand, speaking about our company and our brand. Essentially you will be the face of the brewery in market and for events.

As an ambassador you will help influence and encourage the sale of Swamp Head product to both retailers and consumers.

General Duties and Responsibilities as the Swamp Head Brewery Brand Ambassador



  • Must enjoy beer and the culture of craft beer.
  • Will always be on the lookout for ways to improve the Swamp Head culture and brand.
  • Present comprehensive and complete Swamp Head product knowledge by use of firsthand information and sales sheets.
  • Present comprehensive and complete knowledge of the “culture of Swamp Head” including our message of Sustainability and commitment to the preservation of the planet.



  • Present products to accounts and consumers.
  • Schedule, plan, market, and attend on-premise events. This will include but not be limited to tastings, tap takeovers, beer dinners, and other types of creative promotional special events.
  • Schedule and execute off-premise tastings, always feature our Core 4 brands and seasonal where applicable.
  • Attend any special events in market, such as beer festivals or concerts.
  • Encourage accounts to use Swamp Head POS to help sell more SHB beer, place and install POS and signage in accounts when/if needed or required.
  • Maintain, foster and grow relationships with key people at bars, restaurants and package stores within our market.
  • Communicate regularly with off-premise accounts to establish relationships for future launch of package products.
  • Maintain proper rotation of stock in visited accounts.
  • Foster and maintain the development of Swamp Head’s brand in the marketplace. This may include but is not limited to: making sure all branding materials have accurate colors and fonts, ensuring proper pricing and signage of products, all tap handles are correctly displayed at all accounts, and proper marketing and signage is displayed in strategic locations for any and all events, appropriate POS placement etc.



    • Communicate with the Sales Director to target high-volume accounts, especially those that are not already buying Swamp Head beer.
    • Be able to readily know what is for sale by the distributor and the pricing associated with each SKU.
    • Keep vehicle stocked with appropriate POS items to support SHB product line.
    • Develop and implement a cohesive strategy for growth in on-premise accounts, increasing the number of core brand draft lines in Swamp Head’s market.


  • Communicate regularly with the Sales Director, recap any market activity weekly at the minimum. Recaps should be done by account through the account checklist form and include who you spoke with and their title at each account.



Weekly Duties

  • Recap all market visits with written reports on what was accomplished, their needs, problems, interests, and potential for new products and services.
  • Detail upcoming plans for events and any creative ideas that accounts have to promote Swamp Head’s product
  • Meet with the Sales Director bi-weekly to go over scheduling, accounts to visit, upcoming events, new products launching in market, etc.
  • Detail any problem areas that may need to be addressed and communicate them to the Sales Director
  • Detail new draft placements, lost draft placements, potential reasons for the changes and solutions to mitigate lost placements.
  • Identify accounts that have lost any package placements and communicate with the accounts to identify the cause.
  • Keep ongoing record of both positive and negative feedback of any sort relating to SHB and/or its distributors to be communicated weekly to the Sales Director.
  • Consistently call on our top accounts both on- and off-premise.
  • Continue to search out new account openings in market.


Abilities and Skills

  • Able to effectively manage time
  • Able to work flexible hours including nights, weekends and holidays
  • Able to multi-task while being detail and quality focused
  • Able to move/lift kegs and cases of beer
  • Able to build and create displays which may contain several hundred cases of beer
  • Must be able to work independently and as a team
  • Must be responsible and dependable
  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must use own means of transportation (i.e. passenger car) to get from account to account in order to service customer accounts and venues


Education/Certificates Required for Position

  • Either previous retail, brewery or distributor sales/promotion experience
  • Valid driver’s license required


Swamp Head Brewery is committed to designing and creating the best beers possible while practicing both social and economic responsibility. The beers need not always conform to traditional styles or procedures so long as they help raise the benchmark for craft beer and Swamp Head.


Please email [email protected] with a cover letter and resume.