Treating Our Forever Home Like Home

July 18, 2014

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As you guys and gals know, we care a lot about everything we do. Our beer, the people drinking it, and most importantly, the environment.

We want to tell you a little about the measures that have already been taken and what we’ll doing on our property during the build out of Swamp Head’s new home in order to make sure we’re making the smallest impact possible. From the purchase of the property to the planning of how the site work will be done, we have been making decisions that we feel are the right ones. We hope you feel the same. As we grow and expand, so will our capability to work on more and more sustainable projects. We have some great ideas for the future.

When deciding on a place to call home, location was not the biggest factor. We hunted and hunted to find a property where we could be in town, but still be in the woods. What we ended up finding was even better than that. Along with the property that we will build on, we were lucky enough to find a home that was right next to a large amount of protected wetlands. To further protect the neighboring wetland and its border, we put a portion of our property in to conservation. In turn, a portion of our new home and a significant amount of the surrounding area is protected land that Florida will get to keep forever.

We will remove all species of invasive plants and trees from the the place we will soon call home. Invasive species can take over native plants and continue to cause problems all over Florida. We are also going to have to move and remove a few trees to build the brewery; there’s just no way around it. We changed the building’s design numerous times to make sure we could keep some of our favorite trees on the property. After all, we love trees. To make up for the trees that we’ll be removing, we’ll plant native Florida trees in other areas of our property. The planting of new, native trees will allow us to repopulate our property with the same amount of trees that we removed for the build; they will just be different areas of the property.


  • Eric says:

    Not sure who’s doing your landscaping but give Big Trees Plantation a call. They are locally owned and operated, grow all the native trees you would need and are experts at landscape design and installation.

  • Rebecca Piche says:

    Andy, Brad and I will gladly help with the invasive removal and native tree planting! Let us know when!!

  • Jennifer says:

    This is a wonderful surprise to read – thank you for your concern for Florida wetlands and native species!

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