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January 29, 2015

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Well, that sure was a fun, busy few months.

It’s been a whirlwind, but we’re excited to say that we built Y’all a brewery! Our brand-spankin’ new production facility and tasting room are now ready to open the doors to the public, and we couldn’t be more excited to invite you all into our new home for a few weeks of soft opening.

It has been a long, fun, trying, laughing road building this brewery. We find ourselves saying this over and over again, but it’s because we mean it… thank you. Thank you for being there at our first ever Swamp Head night at The Salty Dog. Thank you for being there the night we opened The Wetlands for the first time (before it even had a name) and the lights went out in a storm, leaving us to serve craft beer by candlelight for the first two hours of ever being opened.  Thank you for making The Wetlands your Friday night hangout spot. For coming in and asking us questions about the beers we make. For visiting us at Football Fridays… and for bringing our craft beer from our tasting room into your lives and your homes.

There is still a lot to do at the new brewery, specifically in our tasting room, “The Wetlands,” but we wanted you to join us sooner rather than later. We figured you would like to be a part of the party as we all watch the final part of the transformation take place. There will be a big Grand Opening Party and Ribbon Cutting sometime soon, but not until we get the final touches put on our new home.

From this point on, we will be open for normal hours of tasting room hoperation (Tuesday – Friday 4 pm to 9 pm and Saturdays 1 pm to 9 pm), at our new location. Our new address is 3650 SW 42nd Ave. It’s in the same cul-de-sac where Alley Katz Bowling Alley used to be. Look for the yellow silos… you’ll see us.

As we mentioned, things are still a work in progress, but we want you to come trudge through the last few weeks of our build along with us! Here are a few things that you will get to watch develop over the coming weeks at The Wetlands tasting room:

Our Wood

It was tough, but we feel like we’ve found a suitable replacement for the former bar at The Wetlands. Upon being finished, our new bar and all of the other wood cladding at The Wetlands tasting room will be made from history-rich reclaimed Florida hardwood. Much of this wood was reclaimed years ago by divers from the bottom of Florida rivers and is over a hundred years old. We’ve been working with our good friends at Goodwin Lumber over the last few months to bring this unique lumber back to life in a few places around The Wetlands. The result is a few works that can only be described as a fascinating cross between history and art. Check out: The bar top, the tables and the big towers behind the bar.

Our Merch

We’ll be saying TTFN to the push pins in the wall that have held up our items for sale for the last five years, and saying hello to a dedicated merch room! We’ll also be introducing a few new items over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for new T Shirt designs, new swag items and more.

Our Solar

We are lucky enough to be moving farther and farther into the sustainable practices that we have always had our eyes on. From what we have been able to dig up, we’re the first brewery and tasting room in Florida to have taken the plunge into solar power. We have been working with Solar Impact of Gainesville to get our expandable solar grid up and running. It will soon be powering a portion of our operations here at Swamp Head, and we will be making significant additions to the system in the future. Once it is up, take a look at the screen that will be on display here at The Wetlands tasting room to see how much energy we are getting directly from the sun!

Our Taps

You will see 16 taps upon your initial entrance into The Wetlands. Now don’t think we’ve gone all old school on ya, and will be stopping there. There will be more taps added over time, and you’ll see new beers, more taps, and some interesting guest beers on draft over the coming months.

Growler Filling Station

As you know, we’re huge fans of recycling, reducing and reusing here at Swamp Head. So, we took what you knew and loved as “that cool wooden bar at The Wetlands,” and turned it into that cool wooden GROWLER FILLING STATION that you will know and love! Once we’ve moved it over and gotten it all set up, we’ll have a dedicated growler filling station that will handle all business of filling to go containers full of beer. Be patient, this might take a little while to get up and running.

Our Games

Drinking is undoubtedly a social activity. Now that we have space, it’ll also be a Cards Against Humanity, classic Sorry!, Pop o Matic Trouble, a deck of cards kind of activity, too. We’ll have a bunch of classic board games behind the bar for you to play with friends. Ask the bartenders, borrow a game, laugh with friends, win at life. Tidbit: More games to come as we get the new digs dialed in! (Also, we may or may not have the biggest game of Cards Against Humanity you’ve ever seen.)

New Events

We’ll be hosting a slew of new events at The Wetlands tasting room, and are looking forward to seeing new smiling faces around the brewery. Stay tuned for new events that will happen on the regular, and a few other larger events that we’ll be doing here and there.

Thank You

It was more than five years ago that Swamp Head started on our mission of brewing world-class beer right here in Florida, and we can’t thank you enough for the love and support you have all given us over the years. We built this brewery for all of you, and we can’t wait to have beers with you for many more years. Cheers!

We know that there will be many questions that arise about our opening over the coming weeks. We’re happy to answer them if we can. Please shoot an email to [email protected] with anything you may be wondering about Swamp Head Brewery’s new brewery and our tasting room, The Wetlands. 



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