Our Company

Founded in 2008, upon the foundation of our great state, we raised our roof to brew world-class beers and establish ourselves as Florida’s brewery. Having travelled through lands far and close, and finding inspiration along the way, we are proud to be here, proud to be Inherently Floridian.


It's The Beer

From What Goes In

From the finest malts, to the most aromatic and flavorful hops available, we use only quality ingredients in our brewery. Whether local honey and blueberries or a spice from a local garden, we embrace the natural flavors of our land and share them in our beer.

To What Goes On

Using carefully crafted brewing processes and finely honed recipes, our brewers earn their keep by adhering to a standard of quality that creates Florida's finest beers.

To What Comes Out

Craft and skill, quality ingredients, and always a little love, combine in an inspired transformation, producing the mystical nectar of the flatlands.


Florida First

It has been our mission since day one to be Florida's brewery. We love our neighbors, but we're focused on providing our state with the beer it deserves.

That's only a small part of it.

Have a look around, from our brewery, to our logo and branding, to our beer, you can see that we live, love and are Florida. From now until the horizon, Swamp Head Brewery is Inherently Floridian.

company_palm_clump_left company_palm_clump_left

Beyond a Florida First approach, we take sustainability seriously. We embrace every opportunity to be a more responsible brewery, far beyond the beer.

Take a look at our 2016 Sustainability Report


Carbon Neutrality

We partner with We Are Neutral to hold carbon-neutral events throughout the year. We Are Neutral's unique Local Offset Program helps both our communities and our environment. See more at weareneutral.com


Domestic Sourcing

We source everything we can as close as we can. When we can't source locally, we focus on choosing like-minded companies, who have strong environmental and ethical principles, like us.


Reuse and Reclamation

In brewing; most of what goes in doesn't end up in your glass. So, we make sure to reclaim or repurpose everything we can from each batch. From reclaiming hot water, to recycling yeast, to feeding the spent grain to happy herds of cattle.



These are the guys who make sure Swamp Head beer is at your favorite watering holes, fresh and tasty, just how you like it!

Friends and Charities

Often times what is more rewarding than brewing beer is partnering with local charities and other organizations that help our community. Here are some of the amazing people we have aligned with to date.

Sustainability Partners

Earth does not need us, plain and simple. We need her. The following partners allow us to make sure that we are moving in the right direction to help sustain and protect our lands.

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Swamp Heads

The elusive team, hidden behind the scenes
stirring things up and making them work.

  • Luke Kemper


  • Brandon Nappy

    Marketing Director

  • Katie Kemper

    Merchandise Manager

  • Maya Oren

    Number Cruncher

  • Kat Van Riet

    Office Assistant

Malty Crue

The dedicated and singularly focused production team
who live to make Swamp Head beer the best it can be.

  • Nick Dunn

    Director of Operations


  • Jesse Pittman

    Cellar Manager

  • Molly Eveleth

    QA/QC Technician

  • Nicole Vuong

    QA/QC Intern

  • Jordan Parsons


  • Karl Ehlers


  • Gabe Portillo


  • Zac Bowden


  • John Rodgers


Wetlands Slingers

The friendly faces of the servers and
tenders at our tasting room.

  • Nicole Linares

    Wetlands Manager

  • Dustin Allen

    Assistant Wetlands Manager

  • Stetson Shiver

    Assistant Wetlands Manager

  • Avery Bender

    Wetlands Wizard

  • Marie Camino

    Wetlands Wizard

  • Alex Gray

    Wetlands Wizard

  • Wyatt Boyett

    Wetlands Wizard


Your Name Here


Would you like to see your face smiling (or scowling) up there with the rest of the Swamp Head crew? Check out our postings and fill out our online application.