Hogtown Craft Beer Festival

April 22, 2017

Date/Time 04/22/2017 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm - Location Tioga Town Center

Event Information

Support Local Brewers and Try some Tasty Taps!

It’s that time of year again – The Hogtown Craft Beer Festival!  This year, it will be hosted in Tioga Town Center – which means, plenty of room for the numerous breweries, home-brewers, and food trucks that will be in attendance!  Swamp Head will be attending and pouring some special brews; swing by to say hello and try a brew or two!

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The Hogtown Craft Beer Festival is organized by The Hogtown Brewers, Gainesville’s local non-profit home-brew club! Since 1985, the Hogtown Brewers have been promoting brewing and craft beer through classes, educational brewing events, competitions, beer/food pairings, and other activities.

With over 200 members which include multiple professional brewers, numerous medal winners in state and regional competitions, plus a healthy gaggle of BJCP home-brew competition judges, its guaranteed to be a good time! Our members are from a diverse range of backgrounds and professions, but we all share a passion for brewing, beer science, and all things craft beer.

For more information about the Hogtown Brewers, please visit the Hogtown Brewers Website