What are your tasting room hours?

    • You can find our hours here: http://swamphead.com/brewery/


What is there to do at Swamp Head?

    • We function like a normal bar. We have 28 taps of Swamp Head Brewery goodness along with an in-house brewed Ginger ale, Wellspring Kombucha, and wine available. You can also fill growlers, purchase packaged beer, and buy merchandise.  Also, we open up a portion of the production area of the brewery to tasting room patrons, so you can see all of the brewing equipment.


Do you guys do a tour?

    • Learn about our tours here: http://swamphead.com/brewery/#tour. The tour does fill up most days so we suggest getting here 15 to 20 minutes early.


Where are you located?

    • Our address is 3650 SW 42nd AVE, Gainesville, Fl 32608. If you are heading South on 34th street, cross over Archer Road and travel one mile. Turn Right onto 42nd Ave and continue to the stop sign. Take a left and then an immediate right (continuing on 42nd ave). Continue to the end of the cul-de-sac and you will see Swamp Head on your right.


Can we get a keg?

    • We do not sell kegs directly from the brewery. You can get one of our kegs at Tipple’s Brews (located on tower road) or at Gator Beverage (on University Ave). You will have to contact them directly for pricing and availability. You will want to call them as far in advance as possible to make sure they have time to order the keg if it is something that they don’t typically carry.


Can we get a growler? How much will it cost?

    • Yes you can purchase 32oz or 64oz (half gallon) of our core 5 beers. 32oz Growlers are $4 for the glassware and 64oz are $6. Fill prices are listed here: http://swamphead.com/brewery/


Where can I get your beer in XYZ?

Do you have food?

    • We do not have any food however we typically have food trucks here during Tasting Room Hours. Aside from that, you are more than welcome to purchase food or snacks elsewhere and bring it with you; all we ask is that you please clean up after yourself.


Can you bring kids?

    • We are a family friendly establishment and we love having your kids here. Keep in mind, we do not allow underage drinking and we will ask you to leave if we see you giving your children tastes of your beer. Also, from time to time we have special events or very busy nights that require us to have a person checking IDs at the door. During these times only children who are obviously under 21 (think toddlers and infants) are allowed in the brewery.


Can we bring our dog?

    • We are dog friendly! We love having your furry friend here as long as they are well behaved. Remember that it can get busy at times, so please keep your dog leashed at all times and be respectful of other people who may not enjoy Fido’s affection as much as you do.


What is in bottles?


Do you do private parties?

    • We love parties just as much as you do, but unfortunately we don’t currently have a space for private parties.  We love hosting happy hours and other non-private (as in there will be other bar patrons here) events for your work or organization so if you are interested in learning more or having some of our beer at your own event please email [email protected] with more details and we will do our best to make it happen.


Beer Donations/Sponsorship

    • We love sharing our brews with you and your organization but we are limited by our size and busy operations. Please send an email to [email protected] with the details about your event and we will do our best to make it happen.