The Story and Inspiration Behind River Logger Black Lager

March 25, 2015

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A guest blog by our friends from Goodwin Lumber

Deep under the spring-fed rivers lies a rare, sunken treasure sought by many but raised by few. Back in the 1800s, river loggers transported gigantic bald cypress and longleaf pine trees down Florida’s rivers. During the trip, many fell from the rafts. The densest ones sank to the bottom, thought to be lost forever. However, a man by the name of George Goodwin realized the magnificence of these logs and began recovering them. This River-Recovered® pioneer found the logs to be perfectly preserved in this low oxygen environment and when milled, they yielded one of the richest patinas (a gloss or sheen on wooden furniture produced by age and polishing) of any wood in the world.

River Logger Black Lager is inspired by the richness and rarity of these centuries-old treasures. The light and refreshing German-style black lager features a depth of color and taste exemplified by the uniqueness of antique River-Recovered® wood. And, with just a hint of chocolate pairing with the light bitterness of the hops, this summer treat is sure to satisfy with the most distinguished of tastes.

The Full River-Recovered® Story:

Swamp Head’s tasting room is chock full of River-Recovered® wood, including our bar top, tables, and trim. You must visit in person to appreciate the rich history and magnificence of this beautiful antique wood.

George Goodwin and the Goodwin Company in Micanopy, Florida have been recovering longleaf pine and bald cypress logs out of Southern rivers and milling them into beautiful solid wood flooring for nearly 40 years. These were some of the first trees cut from America’s virgin forests over 125 years ago and represent the last members of the primeval climax forest that once covered 90 million acres of the Southeast.

George Goodwin is considered the pioneer of the River-Recovered® process. Goodwin’s environmental mission extends way beyond the “green” processes used to recover and manufacture products. Back in the early 1990’s, he spearheaded the development of the Florida Deadhead Logging permit, which must be obtained by anyone desiring to recover logs from bodies of water in the state of Florida. This permit specifies and monitors how the logs are to be recovered to ensure the preservation of the underwater habitat.

Goodwin has earned an indisputable reputation for using the strictest grading standards of any antique wood flooring company in the marketplace. Demand for rich, high-quality flooring continues to flourish as esteemed architects, designers and builders specify Goodwin’s products for use in luxury residential homes, historical renovations and commercial projects including corporate office buildings, universities, libraries and high-end retail establishments.

In addition to our tasting room, Goodwin wood can be found in other prominent establishments, including: The Dasburg House at University of Florida, This Old House corporate offices, private residences of Bob Villa, Paul McCartney, Frank Lloyd Wright and Ted Turner, Weyland Art Gallery, Brownwood at The Villages, the Charnley-Norwood House, Naples Botanical Garden and the Texas Governor’s Mansion.

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