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August 28, 2015

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It is with a heavy heart and a pint of 10-10-10 in our hand that we have to bring you this information. It has been brought to our attention that we are having issues with our cans.

After bringing the reported information to our lab, doing extensive research and product testing it has been confirmed that yes, there is a problem.

Please know that our intentions at Swamp Head are, and will always be, to produce world-class beer in Gainesville, FL. Quite obviously bad cans showing up in the market from time to time is not what we stand for or who we strive to be.

To anyone who has experienced one of these cans, please know that we will be by your side and make things right, as you have been by our side throughout the years.

We take our beer very seriously at Swamp Head, and because of our commitment to the utmost quality in our product at all times, we have made the decision to pull back all cans that are currently in the market.

This is going to cause out of stock issues, so we apologize to tailgaters, river drinkers, bars, restaurants and stores that sell our beer, and everyone in between. However, we feel it is the most thorough and immediate solution to the problem at hand.

We are currently working diligently to remedy the problem and will have cans back in stock as soon as we are confident that the high quality liquid you have brought into your lives over the years is back inside of them.

Again, we thank you for standing by us then, now and in the future. It is of utmost importance that when you buy a product from Swamp Head you know that you are getting a the highest quality beer around.

We would also like to raise a glass to the folks that have reached out to us lately to give us insight on the problems that have arisen. Cheers to you for taking the time to help, even though the news you brought to us might not have been the easiest to present.

Again, we can’t apologize more for any inconvenience that this has caused the loyal supporters of our beer and our brewery. We understand as much as any beer drinker that when you buy a beer from a brewery you trust, you want to know exactly what you are getting, and we have let some of you down in that manner.

If you are one of our supporters that have purchased a six pack of beer from us that you felt had an issue of some sort, please shoot us an email to [email protected] and we will personally help figure out a remedy.

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