Batch 600

Batch 600

Barrel Aged Saison

A Belgian-style saison, brewed as our 600th batch of beer and aged in two different types of barrels, creating two very unique beers. 

This project, which took the better part of a year to complete, pays homage to the daily work of unique individuals that it takes to make our brewery run. Each of us, with a unique skill set, completes a unique set of tasks. All of these tasks are put together to create the collaborative project that we call Swamp Head Brewery.

For our 600th batch of beer, we aged this barrel aged saison in two very different barrels that threw very different characteristics, creating two beers that make up one project that we will never forget.

bourbon barrel aged saison was created by aging a small amount of the beer in a single 20 year old bourbon barrel. This is the rarest of the three. Notes of bourbon, vanilla and oak come through in the nose, with flavors of sweet fruits following. This one has been described as having characteristics of a grand marnier

A version aged in virgin oak barrels with brettanomyces was the third version that our brewers created. This version, funky, slightly tart, and invitingly dry, gives off a brett forward aroma of barnyard and hay, with flavors of dry white fruit and slight wood tannins.

Batch 600

wine barrels, oak barrels, bourbon barrels

Original Gravity: 13.7 Plato IBUS: 32 Alcohol: 7.4%


2 Row, Munich



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