About Swamp Head

Founded in 2008, upon the foundation of our great state, we raised our roof to brew world-class beers and establish ourselves as Florida’s brewery. Having travelled through lands far and close, and finding inspiration along the way, we are proud to be here, proud to be Inherently Floridian.
Florida First
It has been our mission since day one to be Florida’s brewery. We love our neighbors, but we’re focused on providing our state with the beer it deserves. That’s only a small part of it. Have a look around, from our brewery, to our logo and branding, to our beer, you can see that we live, love and are Florida. From now until the horizon, Swamp Head Brewery is Inherently Floridian.
Big Taste, Small Footprint
Beyond a Florida First approach, we take sustainability seriously. We embrace every opportunity to be a more responsible brewery, far beyond the beer.
Carbon Neutrality
We partner with We Are Neutral by using their unique Local Offset Program which allows our tasting room to be fully carbon neutral, helping our community and our environment.
Domestic Sourcing
We source everything we can as close as we can. When we can’t source locally, we focus on choosing like-minded companies, who have strong environmental and ethical principles, like us.
Reuse And Reclamation
In brewing, most of what goes in doesn’t end up in your glass. So, we make sure to reclaim or repurpose everything we can from each batch. From reclaiming hot water, to recycling yeast, to feeding the spent grain to happy herds of cattle.
Powered by the Sun
We were the first Florida brewery to install solar panels, which help us reduce our carbon footprint by utilizing that glorious Florida sunshine.

Our Team

Luke Kemper

Owner Operator

Nick Dunn

General Manager

Gabe Portillo

Cellar Manager

Molly Eveleth

QA/QC & Marketing Manager

Wes Cooper

Director of Sales

Alyssa De La Cruz

Tasting Room Manager

Katie Kemper

Merch Manager

Adam Chancey

Graphic Designer

Ron P

Facilities Manager

Shane M




Alex S

Office Assistant

Randy E


Sara G


Hope N


Eric B


haylin W


John H

Package Operator

Rily F


nicole V


Sophia R


Sara C

Events Intern

Val B


Zoe V

QA/QC Intern

Cam R


Nick C


Arbel B


Kai S


Izzy A


Giuseppe B

Package operator

Faith K


Matt S


Employment Opportunities

Media Specialist/Marketing Intern

Swamp Head Brewery is searching for a qualified, creative, and energetic individual with a passion for photography to fill a part-time position.
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Package Operator (Part-Time)

Swamp Head is looking for a Package Operator that will learn the ins and outs of beer production, with a focus on running our kegging ...
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Bartender/ Beertender

The next person to join our team of Wetlands Wizards will be a passionate team member that will participate in facilitating an authentic Swamp Head experience for all ...
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Facilities Technician

Plumbing, mechanics, woodworking, electric work, you fix it. It’s what you do. Well hear this, we plan on giving you beer AND money. Check out what ...
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Brewer (Full-Time)

There are few things that the folks here at Swamp Head like more than having a beer. That’s just a simple fact. However, some of ...
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