Blueberry Cottonmouth

Blueberry Cottonmouth

Blueberry Belgian Wit

It takes an award-winning Belgian Witbier, a little bit of time, a whole lot of love and, most importantly, a mountain of local blueberries to make our favorite fruit beer, Blueberry Cottonmouth.

Each year, around the end of the Florida blueberry harvest and the beginning of Summer, we meet up with a nice group of local blueberry farmers and bring in a mountain of their bounty… all for one batch of Florida’s fruit beer.


Blueberry Cottonmouth

Cottonmouth, meet blueberries

Original Gravity: 13.3 Plato IBUS: 11.9 Alcohol: 5.3%


Pilsner, Flaked Wheat, Flaked Oats, Acidulated Malt



Other Ingredients

Blueberries Bitter orange, coriander

Suggested Glassware