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Smoke Signal™

Smoke Signal

Robust Smoked Porter w/ Chipotle Peppers

Our award-winning smoked porter with an added kick of chipotle peppers.

Smoke Signal is an American style Robust Porter, using a generous amount of pale ale malt smoked with Alderwood, the smoke source used in the Pacific Northwest for salmon. We smoke 150 pounds of pale malt for each 10 barrel batch of Smoke Signal.

Alder wood imparts a slightly sweet smoke flavor that balances well with the residual sweetness of the beer imparted through the use of dark crystal malts; chocolate and roasted barleys combine with American hops to deliver a flavorful robust porter with just the right amount of smoked flavor.

Our chipotle version is infused with smoked jalapeño peppers to add an extra smoky kick on the tail end of this already smoky treat.

Smoke Signal™

Our award winning smoked porter with an added kick of chipotle peppers.

Original Gravity: 16.7 Plato IBUS: 48 Alcohol: 6.8%


Pale Ale, Alderwood Smoked Pale, Pale Chocolate, Black Patent, Crystal, Roasted Barley


Columbus, Cascade

Other Ingredients

Chipotle Peppers

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