Devil’s Nettle

Devil’s Nettle

Florida Bittered Gruit

Never underestimate the power of the flower.

A gruit is an ancient beer style brewed without the use of hops. To achieve the portion of the flavor profile that is these days achieved by our beloved green cones, brewers would use anything from sweet gale, mugwort, yarrow, ground ivy, horehound, heather to other spices such as rosemary and thyme.

In our “Florida Bittered” gruit, we chose to grow and use the yarrow flower for bittering. Grown just down the street from the brewery, the petals of this flower were plucked and used throughout the brewing process as a stand-in for hops. If you can find this unique beer inspired by our industry’s rich history, grab a glass and see what beer used to be.

Devil’s Nettle

Ditching the hops for flowers this time around

Original Gravity: 14.2 Plato IBUS: N/A Alcohol: 4.5%


Pale Ale, Wheat Malt, Crystal



Other Ingredients

Yarrow, Lactose

Suggested Glassware