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Hoggetowne Irish Red

Hoggetowne Irish Red

Irish Red Ale

Hogtown: The early 19th-century village, which sat adjacent to Hogtown creek, right in the middle of what we now know as Gainesville.
Hogtown’s strong ties to Gainesville’s roots have made it a common name for many businesses, associations and the like. The Hogtown Brewers, Gainesville’s American Homebrewers Association recognized homebrew club, would be the closest to our hearts here at Swamp Head.

Developed through a collaboration with the Hogtown Brewers, Hoggetowne Irish Red is a traditional Irish Ale brewed with the finest English malts and hops. The Hogtown Brewers serve the Hoggetowne Irish Red along with other Swamp Head beers at the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire, a Renaissance Faire held each year during the last weekend in January and the first weekend in February. Thanks to the outstanding reception of Hoggetowne Irish Red, it is now served by better craft beer bars and restaurants through St. Patrick’s day.

Hoggetowne Irish Red has a medium-light body, with a moderate malt aroma. It is deep amber in color due to the use of roasted barley; it features low hop aroma, with almost no hop flavor. Hoggetowne Irish Red is an easy-drinking ale with a clean caramel malt flavor and a hint of roasted grain.

Hoggetowne Irish Red

An Irish red ale, and a tribute to the Hogtown Brewers

Original Gravity: 13.3 Plato IBUS: 32 Alcohol: 5.5%


Pale Ale, Marris Otter, Crystal, Roasted Barley


Fuggle, East Kent Goldings

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