Just the Tip

Just the Tip

Amber Ale w/ Spruce Tips

With a little treat from our friends out West, it’s time to brew a beer with a mountain of spruce tips.

As the air gets cooler and the snow starts to fall in places way, way, way colder than any place us Floridians would ever call home, we do envy the sight of a snow-capped mountain… something we will never see in our homeland.

So, as a tribute to our frozen friends, we’ve shipped in a big bag of freshly picked spruce tips and are excited to give you Just the Tip.

Just the Tip
Original Gravity: IBUS: 31.8 Alcohol: 5.5%


Pale Ale, Caramel, Vienna, Crystal, Carapils, Chocolate



Other Ingredients

Spruce Tips

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