Elusive Reclusive
Peat Dunwoody

Peat Dunwoody

Barrel Aged Scotch Ale

This dirty minger made his way across the big pond as a wee babe, strapped to a bale of peat, eventually washing up in a hurricane deep in a Floridian swamp. Out of place and out of touch, Peat makes his way through the state, downing tankards of ale and sweeping up the lasses. If you catch him in the wild, he’s happy to share a draught and some bawdy humor, usually at your expense.

When the moons are right, Peat appears in our woods, ringing the night with laughter and leaving behind casks of his scotch ale. He’s rarely seen, and even more elusive than the Scotsman himself; his world-class suds.

Peat’s ale recipe has never been revealed, or if he ever let it slip we didn’t understand him… we rarely do. Peat Dunwoody’s Wee Heavy Scotch Ale starts off with sweet caramel notes and a slight undertone of peat. Aged in 20-year bourbon barrels, this big bastard of a beer has hints of vanilla and wood that complement the dark fruit flavors of its darker malts. A legendary finish will have you slogging through the woods in search of the bearded Scotsman, and just one more pint.

Peat Dunwoody

A Scottish nomad at home in the swamps of Florida

Original Gravity: 24.8 IBUS: 28 Alcohol: 10.6%


Pale Ale, Munich, Caramel, Peated Barley, Roasted Barley,


Northern Brewery, Styrian Goldings

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