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River Logger

River Logger

Black Lager

When the first, ancient longleaf pine and bald cypress trees were cut from Florida’s virgin forests over 125 years ago and floated down-river to port, many of the densest ones sank to the bottom.

In the cool, low oxygen depths of the Sunshine State’s spring-fed rivers, these logs have been perfectly preserved. When raised to the surface by state permitted river loggers and milled, these logs yield one of the richest patinas of any wood in the world.

Our River Logger Black Lager is a light and refreshing German-style black lager with a depth of color and taste. Just a hint of chocolate and roast pairs with the light bitterness of the hops to bring you an undeniable Summer treat.

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River Logger

Richest Patina

Original Gravity: 12.1 IBUS: 28 Alcohol: 5.4


Pilsner, Munich, Carafa



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