Elusive Reclusive
Savvy Squirrel

Savvy Squirrel

English Mild Brewed w/ Nuts

The smartest guy in the tree, the richest guy on the branch. The Savvy Squirrel. This keen little sucker has a serious stash, envied by all others in the area.

How did he get so many nuts in his cache? You can ask, he’s too smooth to let it slip.

Also with more nuts than anyone could imagine, our Savvy Squirrel English Mild features five different types for a smooth, nutty flavor profile. A solid, upfront aroma of sweet malts and dark fruit is followed by an assertive nut flavor on the palate and a slight drying finish.

Savvy Squirrel

Just a Savvy Squirrel

Original Gravity: 10 Plato IBUS: 15 Alcohol: 4.8%


Pale, Vienna, Crystal, Midnight Wheat



Other Ingredients

Almonds, Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Brazil Nuts,

Suggested Glassware