Micanopy Moonbeam

Micanopy Moonbeam

Northeast-Style IPA

Through the years and out of the swamp mist emerges the legend of Micanopy Moonbeam. Growers were said to have burlap bags full of the Moonbeam strain along the waters edge, with roots literally dipping beyond the surface for unassuming sustenance. Reimagined as a beer, this Northeast Style IPA has a smooth presence with an intense, fresh aroma which lends to a whole lot of juicy hop dankness to be fired up about.

Micanopy Moonbeam
Original Gravity: 18.7 IBUS: Alcohol: 8.0%


Marris Otter, Flaked Oats Flaked Red Wheat, Carapils


Galaxy, Amarillo, Citra

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