Smoke Signal™

Smoke Signal

Robust Smoked Porter

A little bit of smoke makes everything better, so we cold smoke a portion of our malt for each batch of Smoke Signal.

We take Alderwood, the smoke source used in the Pacific Northwest for smoking salmon, and flavor the malt to make an iconic Robust Porter.

The Alderwood gives our Smoke Signal a slightly sweet smoke flavor that blends well with the residual sweetness of the roasted barley, dark crystal, and chocolate malts.

Combined with American hops, Smoke Signal delivers a savory robust smoked porter with a satisfying, smoky finish.

Smoke Signal™

A robust porter with a satisfying, smoky finish

Original Gravity: 16.7 Plato IBUS: 48 Alcohol: 6.8%


Pale Ale, Alderwood Smoked Pale, Pale Chocolate, Black Patent, Crystal, Roasted Barley


Columbus Cascade

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