Step Squirrel

Step Squirrel

English Mild brewed w/ blueberries and ginger

Every family has one, even our squirrels have one…yes, the red-headed step brother.  And Step Squirrel is as different as you can be from the bunch.

While Savvy, Snacky, and even Sappy prefer warmer, nutty flavors, our Step Squirrel likes to keep things fresh-to-death…and we aren’t just talking about his hair!

This English mild has the refreshing double-whammy of blueberries and ginger, making this mild anything but.


Step Squirrel

Every family has one

Original Gravity: 10 Plato IBUS: 15 Alcohol: 4.8%


Pale, Vienna, Crystal, Midnight Wheat



Other Ingredients

Blueberries and Ginger

Suggested Glassware