It Takes a Village 2014

It Takes a Village 2014

West Coast IPA

Take this West Coast IPA as proof that at times it can take a village to brew a stunningly hoppy and delightfully tasty IPA.

Always helping each other and constantly trading war stories, Swamp Head and Alligator Brewing Co. have been friends since our inception. We have shared many items related to making beer over the years. We have shared many beers, too. Until now, we have yet to share the experience of creating a beer with our friends from just down the road.

Since Alligator’s batches are a little smaller than ours, their mad scientist of a brewer, Neal, is able to toy around with bizarre ingredients and interesting processes. At Swamp Head, we tend to keep it a little more reined in when brewing on the big system.

So, for our collaboration, It Takes a Village West Coast IPA, we’ve tipped our hat to each of our brewing styles. We’ve gone insane with the hop bill, featuring copious amounts of designer hops that throw flavors of pineapple, citrus, and tropical fruit. We went with a solid malt backbone to back up these hops and give you a beer that will give you one more reason to remember Gainesville as a village with a friendly little craft beer scene.

It Takes a Village 2014

It takes a village to brew a beer

Original Gravity: 15 Plato IBUS: 68 Alcohol: 7.2%


Pilsner, Vienna, Carapils, Crystal 20


Columbus, Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo, Motueka

Suggested Glassware