Tropical Disturbance

Tropical Disturbance

Double IPA

The unsettling, yet comforting sight of a Tropical Disturbance is something that any Floridian can tell you all about.  

Disturbingly drinkable for a double IPA. This time we kept it simple and built this heavenly hoppy brew with a straightforward malt bill that lays a solid foundation for the hop whirlwind that ensues each time you take a sip.

Just a touch of crystal malt lends a nice subtle sweetness that harmonizes with the resinous, sticky sweet hop profile and gives the beer a golden orange glow in the glass, reminiscent of rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds of a passing storm.

Batten the hatches, but enjoy the beauty, because this Tropical Disturbance will soon pass.

Tropical Disturbance

Disturb your palate with a tropical hop storm

Original Gravity: 18 Plato IBUS: 85 Alcohol: 8.7%


Pale Malt, Caramel


Centennial, Columbus, Simcoe

Suggested Glassware