Elusive Reclusive
Udderly Calm

Udderly Calm

Milk Stout/Sweet Stout

When a cow laughs, does milk come out of her nose? -Author Unknown

When we laugh, beer comes out of our nose. Truth.

A beautifully smooth milk stout with just the right amount of creaminess, Udderly Calm is brewed with lactose sugar to contribute to a silky mouthfeel.

This dark beauty will make you want to find the cow who contributed and hug her.

Udderly Calm

Udderly Delicious

Original Gravity: IBUS: 20 IBU Alcohol: 5.2%


Pale Ale, Munich, Chocolate, Flaked Oats, Carapils, Roasted Barley



Other Ingredients

Lactose (Milk Sugar)

Suggested Glassware