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There are few things that the folks here at Swamp Head like more than having a beer. That’s just a simple fact. However, some of our guys enjoy one thing just a beard hair more than sipping on a fresh brew, and that is creating the beer that is in your glass. If you are one of those folks that can geek out about the process of making beer so much that you could do it on a daily basis and still talk all about it at the end of the day, you should REALLY read on.

NO COMMERCIAL BREWING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED – This position offers training, all experience levels are welcome to apply.


As a Brewer for Swamp Head Brewery they will work with and report to the Director of Operations and the Lead Brewer. They are responsible for all brewing operations and making sure wort production is consistent and efficient. A brewer for Swamp Head Brewery will be required and expected to manage and perform the following tasks:

Responsibilities of a Brewer

  • Must enjoy beer and the culture of beer
  • Looking to continually improve upon:

  1. Beer Quality
  2. Process Efficiency
  3. Organization and cleanliness

  • Interpersonal Goals:

  1. Strive to increase workplace attitude and moral
  2. Set a good example with regard to punctuality, attendance, attitude, and hygiene.
  3. Communicate regularly and efficiently with fellow employees and management
  4. Maintain a harmonious work relationship between yourself, your coworkers and customers
  5. Extremely approachable for all Swamp Head Team Members

  • Oversee and adhere to safe practices and SOP’s (standard operating procedures)
  • Completion of all paperwork and reporting in a timely manner

General Duties

  • Have full knowledge of brewing operation
  • Brewing Team Coordination

  1. Know and relay the entire Brewhouse Schedule
  2. Must follow brewing and cleaning SOP’s
  3. Adhere to brewhouse cleanliness, tanks, floors, equipment, deck, etc.
  4. Coordinate with management and cellar staff in event of mistakes and issues
  5. Keep all managers up to date with process and equipment changes
  6. Help create and maintain brewing and cleaning SOPS (CIP, muck out, etc.)
  7. Help create and maintain brewhouse training guidelines
  8. Help train new brewers

  • Brewhouse Operations:

  1. Report and help troubleshoot wort preparation issues with management
  2. Monitor ingredients, chemicals, and oxygen tank levels, report when at set thresholds.
  3. Oversee and maintain that all equipment is cleaned after use.
  4. Notify management of equipment malfunction
  5. Work with facilities manager to maintain equipment
  6. Brewhouse history and maintenance records
  7. Work with the Cellar Manager to maintain quality

  • QA/QC Interdependence:

  1. Work with the QA/QC department to monitor yeast and wort quality
  2. Oversee or perform yeast harvesting and pitching
  3. Monitor flavor and quality in both fermentation and bright tanks

  • Help with Cask and Treatment Program

  1. Maintain up-to-date beer treatment logs for special projects
  2. Responsible for consistent quality product
  3. Help create and come up with new recipes and treatment ideas

Daily Tasks

  • Daily walk-through to ensure cleanliness
  • Daily walk-through to ensure proper closing procedures and SOP’s were followed

Weekly Task

  • Brewhouse floor, thoroughly cleaned of all stains.
  • Brewhouse Vessels, thoroughly cleaned
  • Attend production meetings

Monthly Task

  • Spray down entire brewery with wash/foam machine and scrub away mold
  • Notify management if steam insulation requires upkeep.

Bi-Monthly Task

  • Inspect hot and cold liquor tanks and clean if necessary
  • Inspect pumps for wear and tear

Semi-annual Task

  • Passivation of all stainless steel tanks using acid wash
  • Inspect brewing manifold hard pipes and clean
  • Take apart butterfly valves and clean
  • Take apart pumps and clean

Irregular Task

  • Attend and work beer festivals and events (get equipment ready – beer, jockey box, Co2, banners, tools, displays) / verify beer
  • Clean jockey box when personally used.
  • Read brewing articles/magazines to keep up with technology, methodology and sustainability
  • Keep ears open to possible competition/opportunity in area

Other Duties:

  • Brainstorm over new beer recipes that will appeal to the SHB image
  • Have knowledge of total brewhouse operations.
  • Assist manager with development of protocols and procedures when requested
  • Inform management of any issues complications or mistakes
  • Inform management of any quality control problems
  • Complete tasks assigned by management as long as legal
  • “CC” Management with all internal and external communication

Abilities and Skills:

  • Able to safely operate a forklift
  • Request assistance when lifting anything that weighs over 75 lbs.
  • Able to effectively manage time
  • Able to stand for 8-10 hours per day
  • Able to multi-task while being detail and quality focused
  • Must be able to work independently and as a team
  • Must have the ability to read and understand a variety of scientific instruments and calculations
  • Able to lift 55# above head repeatedly throughout day
  • Able to work with hazardous chemicals
  • Must be responsible and dependable
  • Perform job with and around moving machinery and with obstacles present

SHB is committed to designing and creating the best beers possible while practicing both social and economic responsibilities. The beers need not always conform to traditional styles or procedures so long as they help raise the benchmark for craft beer and SHB.

Please apply to this position by emailing a cover letter and resume to [email protected].

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